Cobblestones, Stone pebbles Manufacturers and Suppliers From India
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SUPRA EXPORTS is a Bangalore based organisation started in 1992 with Ms.Sudha Trivikram and Dr. R.V. Raghavendra as partners. Sudha Trivikram is a business woman of 20 years standing as a professional landscape designer. Dr Raghavendra, a doctorate in Geo-chemistry from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is a renowned geologist of South India. Both have combined to start a venture to produce best quality landscape materials in Granite and Marble.

From its modest beginning in 1992, Supra Exports has grown into a reputed leader in manufacture of garden pebbles possessing a Multi dimensional state of the art manufacturing facility consisting of continuous Tumbling Machines, Crushing equipments, grading equipments, Vibro – Polishers, material handling equipments and a laboratory. All these machines and facilities Coupled with our highly experienced and skilled team of work force have contributed to the creation of an efficient manufacturing system that ensures production of a quality product and also prompt deliveries to customers from its large stocks. We have also established reliable sources of raw-materials from local quarries to ensure smooth and consistent supply of quality raw-materials. Because of these factors our customer profile has grown rapidly to include customers from Australia, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, United States of America and many other countries who being highly satisfied with our products place regular and repeated orders.

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