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Landscaped gardens have oodles of greenery, enough to take loads of stress off the strained minds; but that's not the only defining characteristic of landscaped gardens. More often than not, landscaped gardens are a beautiful blend of greenery, water bodies, pathways made of stone pebbles and many other elements. Similarly, imagining an aquarium without components like sand, gravels, chips, pebbles, plants and a whole lot of ornamental items may be very difficult. Undoubtedly, an aquarium owes its beauty to the bubbly and colourful fish that inhabit it; but we simply can't forget that the habitat in which these fish find themselves, also contributes a lot to the overall beauty of an aquarium. Each one of them adds so much of life into the system that an aquarium would just get 'reduced' to a fish tank, without them!

Stone pebbles are ingredients commonly found in landscaped gardens and aquaria alike. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You must have wondered as to where people get these dainty landscaping pebbles from! Though they look very natural, your inner mind insists that it's very unlikely to find such uniform stone pebbles on river banks. Just hold your breath; the mystery is about to get solved! Stone pebbles manufacturers carve these dainty landscaping pebbles out of naturally available materials like quartz, granite and marble, using state-of-the-art technology! Pebbles vary in size anywhere between 10mm and 150 mm. Landscape pebbles manufacturers offer landscaping pebbles in different grades, depending on their size. Supra offers landscaping pebbles in six grades and eight different shades: white, black, pink, yellow, red, light green, dark green and orange.

Besides enhancing the beauty of a given place, landscaping pebbles provide a non-skid surface for pathways; they're stain resistant too, making the surface very easy to clean! As they're coloured naturally, one doesn't really have to worry regarding issues like colour run-off or fading. Landscaping pebbles could be used for making driveways meant for heavy traffic too, as they can be easily laid on any binding medium, for e.g. cement, epoxy etc. Having been carved out of stone, landscaping pebbles enjoy unquestionable durability.

Thoughts about the environmental impact of the products that we use in our day-to-day life have come to occupy centre stage nowadays.Landscaping pebbles score on that front too as they're carved out of naturally available material. They're 100% environment friendly. With more and more people reposing their faith in Feng Shui, stone pebbles made of different materials are being used liberally, as they are believed to channelize positive energy. Landscaping pebbles areso versatile that they could be gracefully integrated into outdoor and indoor landscapes with utmost ease.

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