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Landscaping chips

Landscaping chips, made of different materials like marble, quartz and granite are extensively used in landscaping.Landscaping chips have emerged as good alternatives for 'mulch'. However, they enjoy one major advantage over mulch. They score very highly on the durability front, when compared with mulch, which has to be replaced quite often. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of the area in which they are used, landscaping chips also serve to conserve moisture and contain weed growth to a very large extent. Erosion of top soil is a major challenge in outdoor landscaping. This challenge can be effectively overcome by using landscaping chips. By using the right kind of landscaping chips, one can also exercise control on the temperature parameters in the environs of a given plant. This becomes an important factor, especially while including highly temperature sensitive plants in a landscape.

Landscaping chips are available in various shades. As they are manufactured using crushed marble, quartz and granite, they are available in as varied shades as the shades in which these raw materials themselves are available. These shades, when chosen properly can create backgrounds that provide lively contrasts to the elements present in a given landscape, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area. Different landscaping chip manufacturers offer different shades of chips and generally most of them prefer to offer a standard set of colours, as customization may not work out for them, in terms of scale and profitability. Supra, one of the reputed marble chip manufacturers in Bangalore, offers them in eight shades: White, black, pink, yellow, red, light green, dark green and orange.

You'll be surprised to know the role technology plays, in the making of these dainty chips! Products as simple as landscaping chips need an elaborate manufacturing facility. The process starts with the selection of the right grade of raw material, considering some essential properties like hardness and grindability. The selected raw material is then crushed using high impact crushers. The crushed material is then graded and transferred to impellors, which serve to further reduce their size. They're then put in tumbling machines, which help in giving them their final shape. The resulting chips are then put in Vibro-polishers, which smoothen their surface to the required level and help in enhancing the colour. Landscaping chips are available in two categories: angular and rounded. Their sizes range between 1-10mm and they're available in different grades.

These chips are used in aquaria as well, the world over. It's not just because of the colourful fish that inhabit them that aquaria look so colourful; it's also because of colourful aquarium accessories like landscaping chips! No aquarium would be complete, without landscaping chips! Wouldn't it be wiser to call them as waterscaping chips in such settings?

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