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Please note that the tips suggested below are for guidance only recomended by a manufacturer of pebbles of long experience but can not be treated as the only standard practice for installation. Installation practices vary from site to site depending on site conditions. The installer should however consult a professional contractor /consultant and these tips can not replace their services or advice. hair bundles uk

Installation Guide

The surface to be used both vertical and horizontal should be sound and true for stone installation. Any variation in level should not be more than 2 mm for 4 meters. The level can be made true by using a suitable render. The surface should be taken care to be free from movement, moisture, oil or grease, paint or any loose material like sand and grit.

Application of Pebbles

1) The pebbles should be free from oil, dirt or any contaminants.

2) Generally the pebbles are not grouted but fastened to the surface using a suitable adhesive like Kerabond, or a tile adhesive manufactured by a Mapei, Phosroc or any other reputed adhesive manufacturers.

3) First spread the adhesive to about 8-10 mm thickness on the surface of the substrate and fix the pebbles onto the surface to the desired pattern and space. Immediately sponging off any extra glue smeared on the surface of the pebbles.

4) Joints and groove can be filled up using any fast setting cement like MyTeck again cleaning the exposed surface with wet sponge.

5) after finishing the laying a suitable coat of varnish or silicone spray can be used to make it water proof and also enhance the appearence.

6) Adhesives like kerabond, Grnirapid can be used but always contact the manufacturers of adhesives and seek the services of a professional lanndscapist/contactor for correct instructions and procedures.

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