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Sometimes we get carried away by certain very small things in life. The sight of a beautifully landscaped garden, an aquarium with tens of tiny fish and beautifully laid out pathways win our heart in just a matter of seconds. A couple of common components that you come across in all the above cases are: colourful granite chips and granite pebbles. They play a major role in enhancing the beauty of any given space. Tasteful designers derive the maximum benefit out of the size and colour ranges in which these granite chips are available, to churn out stunningly beautiful creations.

Granite chips are also known by the names: garden chips or cobble chips. The secret of their 'natural looks' lies in the fact that (well, there's no secret at all!) they're carved out of naturally available raw materials, though they don't seem to be so at the first glance! They're obtained from naturally available rocks: granite, marble or quartz. These rocks themselves are available in numerous shades and this explains the secret behind a range of shades in which garden chips are available. And, this origin of theirs is the main reason behind one of the most important features of these chips, i.e. their being highly environment-friendly.

Naturally available rocks go through a series of processes before they attain the form of granite chips / garden chips. And all these processes depend heavily on state-of-the-art machinery that progressively endow the required size, shape and texture to the granite chips. Right from selecting the rock, based on its hardness and grindability; crushing them to required size, giving them contours as required, polishing, cleaning and packing; each of these processes need the services of sophisticated machinery. Chips thus produced are used to serve purposes, as discussed earlier and many others as well. In what ways one can put these granite chips into use, depends on the extent of imagination he/she has. And, all of us know; when it comes to imagination, sky is the limit.

Granite chips look great in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. They're available in two categories: rounded and angular granite chips, based on the nature of their contours. They're available in graded sizes as well. Grades and shades in which these garden chips are available vary depending on the manufacturers. Supra has the following 3 grades in each of the categories of granite chips: 1-3mm, 3-6mm and 6-10mm. Supra's shade card has white, black, yellow, pink, red, orange, dark green and light green shades.

Some of the plus points of these chips are that they're very easy to clean; there's no colour run-off or fading associated with them; they can be used on any kind of binding material and they provide stain-resistant and anti-skid surfaces. But, the greatest plus point happens to be that these granite chips look absolutely stunning wherever they're used!

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