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One of the striking features of any given aquarium is its colourfulness. It's full of life with dazzlingly colourful fish moving around with absolute zest. If there's something in the aquarium that matches the colourfulness of fish present in it, it's definitely the granite pebbles or chips that are almost an integral part of any given aquarium.

Granite pebbles are also known by the names cobblestones or garden pebble stones. Uniform, yet unique contours of granite pebbles are bound to attract those who appreciate beauty. And, when these garden pebble stones are laid out creatively in the making of driveways or pathways, they don't just endow them with unparalleled beauty; but also a defining character. This could be attributed to the uniqueness that can be achieved by creating innumerable patterns with strikingly contrasting garden pebble stones or cobblestones.

Though these dainty cobblestones look so natural, it seems improbable that they're available as-such in huge quantities on river banks. "How could a river churn out millions of such garden pebble stones and how long does the supply last?"...This is one question that's bound to haunt all those who've been bowled over by these lovely cobblestones. If you are one among them, then look no further for the answer. It's right below.

Cobblestones are made out of naturally available rocks like granite, marble and quartz by using technology-intensive machinery, installed in sophisticated factories. Right from selecting the right kind of rock at a quarry, up to the packaging and shipping stage, the process is heavily dependent on machinery. High impact crushers, impellers, tumbling machines and vibro-polishers are some of the main equipments found in such factories. Each of the cobblestones that you see goes through all these machines and many others as well, to attain their final form. While high impact crushers crush the selected rocks, the impellers converts the crushed rock to the desired size. Tumbling machines take these pieces of rock, a step closer to their final shape and size, while vibro-polishers help in giving them the smoothness that we all fall for!

Cobblestones are available in different grades and colours. The sizes in which these cobblestones are available, vary between 10mm and 150 mm. Depending on the size, Supra Exports offers cobblestones in 6 different grades. White, black, pink, yellow, red, light green, dark green and orange are the cobblestone shades that Supra has, to offer.

They are also used for enhancingbeauty and elevation of vertical sections and surfaces of exterior and interiior walls. Because of the inherent strength, they could also be used at places with heavy traffic. Though the pebbles are easily laid using common building materials like cement it is advisable to use fast setting adhesives such as tile adhesives, epoxy etc., and can be easily cleaned wothout any mess. Off late, they are also being used by Feng Shui Practitioners for the purpose of channelizing positive energy.

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